Aesop's Fables

The Serpent and the File

A Serpent in the course of its wanderings came into an armourer's shop. As he glided over the floor he felt his skin pricked by a file lying there.

In a rage he turned round upon it and tried to dart his fangs into it; but he could do no harm to heavy iron and had soon to give over his wrath.

Moral of Aesop's Fable:

"It is useless attacking the insensible"


Aesop Author of the Fable
The Serpent and the File

Nationality of Aesop - Ethiopian or Greek
Lifespan of Aesop - He lived approximately 620 - 560 BC
Life of Aesop - Slave - Author of the book of fables
Famous Works - Aesop's Fable book featuring:
"The Goose With the Golden Eggs", "The Fisher",
"The Fox and the Mask" and "The Serpent and the File"

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